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Archiv der Universität Hohenheim
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University Archives in Baden-Württemberg

The university archives of the Land Baden-Württemberg are public archives with the objective to hold the material of research, teaching, and of the self-governing bodies of the universities. The State Archives Act (Landesarchivgesetz Baden-Württemberg) serves as the legal basis for the work of these archives. On this Act the university archives have based their own regulations.

The university archives describe, hold and preserve the material which is worth preserving from all the different institutions of the respective universities: e.g. matriculation registers, students` files, personal files, lecture timetables, files and documents from the rector`s office, from faculties, institutes, chairs, from central institutions, special research programmes etc. Besides, the university archives collect additional material from institutions which are closely connected with the universities.They also collect pictures, photos, leaflets, posters and newspaper clips which have to do with their history. They hold the records according to the principles of preservation and describe the record groups with user-friendly finding aids. On request the records can be read in the reading room on condition that the legal access date has ended and that the regulations for the users will be respeced.
University archives participate in research programmes of the history of the universities,they show exhibitions, publish books and reproduce pictures, postcards, seals etc. with the intention of improving people`s historical knowledge.


The following universities in Baden.Württemberg have archives with trained archivists: University Freiburg (record groups go back to the 13th century), University Heidelberg (record groups go back to the 13th century), University Hohenheim (record groups go back to the 18th century), University Konstanz (record groups since 1964), University Stuttgart (record groups date back to the 19th century), University Tübingen (record groups go back to the15th century). At the moment the Universities Mannheim (record groups since 1907) and Karlsruhe (record groups since 1945) have archives without trained archivists. The other universities in Baden-Württemberg have not set up archives so far.


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